cloudevo + Google Cloud

cloudevo has extensive experience with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), one of the leading cloud providers, from analytics to application development. cloudevo’s partnership with Google Cloud helps its customers build better, more stable and secure software with accelerated time to market.

Best Services


cloudevo’s Google Cloud experts work with your team to set up your foundational infrastructure in GCP and migrate an application. cloudevo provides executive oversight and technical advice throughout the planning phase. Our hands-on experience will help you validate the value of GCP, remove barriers to migration, and provide you with tangible next steps for your cloud journey.


cloudevo’s application developers help build cloud-native applications or redesign existing applications that run on GCP. We help our customers choose the best data storage option for application data, integrate application components and data sources, and perform repeatable deployments with containers and deployment services.


cloudevo’s dedicated team of specialists helps to evaluate the GCP environment and assess opportunities to optimize long-term growth. Our expertise is ideal for businesses who are in need of more managed cloud services or cost optimization.


We specialize in data strategy and consulting, analytic assessments, predictive modeling, algorithm development, data mining, large scale solutions design, optimization and testing. We have proven experience in designing and building data processing systems on GCP.


cloudevo helps businesses move forward with their API strategy including discovery, strategic consulting and API roadmap, and architecture design. Our extensive experience helps us deploy, protect, scale, monitor and manage the entire API lifecycle running on GCP.


With Google App Maker, developers can create and deploy applications in days making the platform appealing to businesses using G Suite for their infrastructure. cloudevo has over fifty projects in different business areas that work with this platform.


Our Features

How do I Modernize infrastructure?

Google Cloud provides

Reliable, cost-effective cloud infrastructure

Security that unleashes innovation

Automated to streamline and scale operations

cloudevo Helps

Evaluate your workload portfolio for migration candidates

Work togther to create a migration roadmap

Shift applications to containers and Kubernetes

How do I accelerate application innovation?

Google Cloud provides

API management that bridges the gap between modern applications and legacy systems

cloudevo Helps

Build modern applications faster (with new and legacy backend systems)

Secure your APIs and onboard developers

Gain visibility and operational analytics for your APIs

Plan and migrate your backends to cloud (when ready)

How do I transform how teams work?

Google Cloud provides

tools that creates a culture of collaboration to achieve more together

Intelligent productivity suite so you can focus on what matters

Connected knowledge platform that lets you break down silos

Simple and secure manageability to streamline administration

cloudevo Helps

Enable digital workforce transformation via deployment of an interconnected office suite

Creating a more productive meeting experiences with installation of an easy to use video conferencing

Manage enterprise content with deployment of a safe and reliable file sharing and sync solution

How do I address line of business challenges?

Google Cloud provides

Infrastructure that “gets out of the way” to unleash developer productivity

High-velocity software development, without sacrificing reliability and security

Full-featured data platform for rich contextual experiences

cloudevo Helps

EMigrate/build your web/mobile/desktop/things application to/on GCP

Immediately take advantage of better reliability, cost and security

Re-architect over time to take advantage of innovations like serverless computing, big data and AI services

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