Redesigning What you can’t see may be one of the most important changes
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We embrace technology and firmly believe that news and technology go hand-in-hand and we must excel in both. turned 11 a few days ago and today we rolling out the all new that offers readers a cleaner, more dynamic reading experience, a bolder visual display and improved performance. is a destination for 1.000.000 unique visitors every day and we wanted to create a site that lets them quickly see what the day’s big stories are and easily navigate to other top content on the site.

We’ve developed homepage so it can transform and evolve. In case of breaking news, readers will experience a different — look and feel — on the homepage. Different stories deserve different weight and attention, so it helps if the storytelling template at hand doesn’t hold them captive to one format.

And what you can’t see may be one of the most important changes. Everything loads much, much faster than it used to. We spent some serious time making sure we kept the soul of our beautiful design as we made the redesign, but under the hood, there’s a completely rebuilt codebase that will allow us to iterate more quickly and deliver new features as fast as we can think of them.

It’s helpful to understand that Proto Thema is not really a newspaper company anymore. Instead, Proto Thema is a digital company that delivers its product, through multiple platforms: newspaperscomputerssmart phonestablets and, of course, extends to platforms like Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP. Our pages there look as clean and bright as our web pages, and as those platforms extend their capabilities, we’ll be able to deliver more and more interesting features to audiences wherever they might be.

We want our users to be faithful to find interesting content and come back every day. We want to increase the amount of time spent on our site and the number of page views.

Technology is moving at a faster pace than ever before. The speed of innovations in mobile, big-data, video and virtual reality can be feared as disruptive to the media industry or embraced as opportunities.

We embrace technology and firmly believe that news and technology go hand-in-hand and we must excel in both. Content is definitely king, but the design of our website, the features we offer, the platforms we are available on and the speed with we deliver our content is also very important. We are investing heavily in our technology to bring state-of-the art experiences to our users.

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