How to grow through an economic downturn
By Nikos Iliopoulos
One thing we can say confidently is that downturns always end up turning back up.

With ‘lockdowns’ predicted to last months on end, we are heading into one of the most challenging business environments most of us will ever experience.

Worse than the GFC.

Worse than the Dotcom Bust.

Worse than the 1980s crisis.

So as a business, what can you do?

According to a Harvard Business Review study in 2010, where they reviewed the performance of 4700 companies before, during and after 3 global recessions, they found companies that used a combination of DEFENSIVE and OFFENSIVE actions performed best.

“Whether it’s the global financial crisis of 2008 or the great depression in the 1930’s, history is full of success stories of organisations who not only survived, but thrived.”

Tam Al-Saad (Webprofits – Head of Growth) , discusses this study in more detail, and shares advice on WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW to get ahead of this thing.

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