How fast can you pivot?
By Nikos Iliopoulos
The world isn't changing... it's CHANGED.

The question now is, are you able to change with it?

And how FAST can you re-invent what you do?

A lot of companies aren’t going to make it…

Many of the ones that do will be a fraction of the size they were before COVID-19 hit.


There will be some that can PIVOT fast enough and set themselves up for the next decade of growth.

Here are some questions that Simon Sinek suggests companies ask themselves to figure out how to adapt to this new world:

“How will we do what we’re doing in a different world?”

“How are we going to change to get through this?”

“What could we be? How will we bring our message to people in a different way?”

These questions came from a 6-minute video recording of Sinek’s company huddle, where Simon talks through how the world is changing and how to change with it.

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