Coronavirus’ business impact: Should you be marketing right now?
By Nikos Iliopoulos
Our businesses are all facing challenging times as the economic impact of Coronavirus starts to bite.

There is so much information floating around regarding COVID-19: how to avoid it, proper hand-washing techniques, practicing social distancing, what to do if you get the virus and more.

But outside of personal concerns, there are added professional concerns for business owners trying to minimize financial impact on their businesses during this time.

We (as business professionals) need to do everything we can to keep our companies generating revenue and employing as many of our staff as possible.

That requires Marketing.

And it requires looking at your business in a different way.

We need to be successful right now to help reduce the devastating impact of the coronavirus on our society.

We have two options as a business owner:

  • #1: Embrace being a victim, pause all advertising efforts & brace for little to no results.
  • #2: Take your business by the horns and maximize this opportunity to get ahead!

But how do you market in this environment? 

  • The world is going through a paradigm shift.
  • What was true just a few weeks ago, is no longer the case.
  • Nearly everything we took for granted has changed.

There is no status quo.

Overnight, most business professionals are spending their DAYS in front of their desktop, and NIGHTS on their mobiles – all without leaving their home.

How you engaged with your audience in the past is NOT how you engage with them now.

In this environment, you need to engage with your audience by talking about about what they are experiencing RIGHT NOW.

Not what was happening last year. Not what was happening last week. What’s happening TODAY.

Here are some QUESTIONS to ask yourself:

What are the biggest challenges your product or service solves, and how can it be applied to remote working and self-isolation?

What are the biggest questions your audience are asking right now?

How can you help people THE MOST right now, with what you know?

Once you have these answers, you should be creating content that answers these questions, and promoting them on Facebook.

Articles… Videos… PDF reports… Checklists… Webinars…

The format isn’t as important as the content itself.

“Focus on delivering VALUE right now, and helping people get through this challenging time.”

Because while your audience might not be spending money with you right now, they will definitely be consuming your content (IF it’s relevant to what they’re going through).

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